Jack O Lanterns

Jack O Lanterns have for ever been the symbol for halloween, but I'd like to change that to Gourd O Lanterns they are much more durable colorful and expressive. Plus they don't decay and drip or rot. Well unless they start out as  Rotten Gourds.

Passion for Pumpkins

Had these little dipper gourds 
that I didn't know what to do with,
 then one day a little pumpkin popped out !

Day of the Dead

OK , so I love halloween but halloween enthusiast cannot resist the lure Dia De Los Muertos ( the day of the dead ) so I decided to play with the idea. this little guy is kind of a combination of the sugar skull idea and the La Catrina. and Yes it is a bird house. I read an article about some birds only living in places with two doors so to speak so the eyes are the windows to my haunted bird house soul. 
Check it out !

oh and for more of my dia de los muertos inspirations check out 
in the 'Painted Man' section.

Yellow Cat

Halloween just isn't complete without a rotten yellow yowling cat . Yes its a bird house , my little play on the cat that ate the cannery ( Que evil laughter)

Green Snakes

Insidiously slippery green snakes make there way into the rotten gourd collection

Dry Bones

My Bones , My Bones . My Dry Bones .
Who knew gourds could make 
such wonderful skulls 
(Evil Laugh)

Black Spider

A Black Spider Bird House for Your Dark Birds
Usually the bird eats the spider ,
but I like the idea of the spider housing the bird .
or hang in doors or at door for spooky treats , votives ,
candies , black crows or rubber spider babies.


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